Karl Stiefvater

Karl Stiefvater

Karl Stiefvater is a visual effects artist with over 20 years experience.  He has worked on games and film, in academia and the industry, with traditional and real-time rendering.  Karl has a special passion for procedural graphics.

Karl's accomplishments include: the effects for the Nebuchadnezzar destruction sequence in Matrix: Reloaded, the swarming sentinel destruction effects used throughout the battle sequences of Matrix: Revolutions and the procedural generation of the infamous bottomless pit from 300.  Most recently Karl has been working on the infrastructure of the metaverse for Second Life.

Karl grew-up in a funeral home; he owned/ran a cafe on a naked beach in Mexico; he lived on the streets of San Francisco in a 1970 RV.

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Creating Maya Plugins
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The Matrix and Second Life veteran Karl Stiefvater shows you how to reach into the heart of Maya and change it to do your bidding.
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