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  • over 11 hours of Video

  • Live Webinars with Industry respresentatives

  • Difficulty Level:

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You’re almost there. You’ve been in school, taking on-line courses or just getting yourself ready to make the job switch. Now it’s time to put your marketing package together and begin your job search. What should your marketing kit contain? How do you find jobs? How do you keep from being overwhelmed?

This workshop is a very practical guide to figuring out how to put define your “brand,” create the items that will make up your marketing package and plan your job hunting campaign.
For over 20 years Instructor Pam Hogarth has been helping students and professionals prepare for careers in high-end computer graphics, principally in the entertainment industries. Through courses in career realities, workshops in resume preparation, one-on-one counseling, special event production and working with the people who do the hiring at facilities around the world, she has been instrumental in helping hundreds of digital artists kick-start and continue their careers.
This CGWorkshop also includes two live webinars with Industry Recruiters where you will be able to ask specific questions about employment in the industry and receive appraisals of your Portfolios.
Pam will be bringing all of the knowledge she has gained through the years to the lectures, assignments and feedback in this course. Assignments will be geared to helping you put together the items that you need to do your job search. By the end of the workshop, students should be ready and confident to begin finding their first OR next job.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this CGWorkshop you will have developed a solid personal marketing package that will assist you to secure future employment. The package will include a resume, cover letters, business cards, referee lists and your "elevator pitch". You will also have developed written plans that you will be able to use to find and apply for positions and prepare for interviews.

This CGWorkshop will help you to accurately define your professional strengths and personal goals.


Week 1 - Goals and Expectations

  • Course Introduction/Goals.
  • Instructor Expectations.
  • Personal Exploration: Defining Your Goals/Skills/Message.


  • Lists: Strengths, Skills, Accomplishments, Weaknesses.
  • Statements: What Makes You Special, What Do You Want in a Job, What Do You Want in/from Life.
  • Mission Statement / Objective

Week 2 - Your Marketing Package

This week we dive right in and start building your personal marketing kit. We wil take a close look at.

  • The necessary components.
  • Creating Your Resume.
  • Cover Letters.
  • Business Cards.
  • References.

This week we will also in include a bonus live webinar with Brad Reinke, Producer / Production Supervisor - ArtiZall Production Management. Brad is currently the Los Angeles-based Executive Producer for Opus VFX, as well as running his own company, ArtIzAll Production Management, specializing in feature film development, production, and general production consulting. Brad will answer your questions and appraise reels and portfolios.


  • Write Your Resume.
  • Write a Sample Cover Letter.
  • List of Proposed References.
  • Write to/Call References.

Week 3 - Reels, Portfolios and Samples

This week we look closely at your online presence and how to use it to full advantage.Assignments

  • Design Cards.
  • Buy Domain/Arrange Web Hosting.
  • Design Website.
  • Plan Your Reel/Portfolio/Samples.
  • Set Up LinkedIn, Google+, IMDb.

Week 4 - Finding the Jobs

Now we will dive into how to find the jobs and get a foot in the door.

  • Networking.
  • Recruiters/Agents.
  • Online Resources.


  • Get Business Cards/Contact from Two New People.
  • Reach out to Two Recruiters.
  • Sign up for Two Online Job Boards.
  • Find Online Postings for Three Jobs.
  • Reach Out to Someone You Admire.
  • Write Your Elevator Pitch.
  • Resume v.2.0.

Week 5 - Getting the Job Offer

This week we move to the application and interview process.

  • Applying
  • Interview Skills
  • Follow Up

This week we will also in include a second bonus live webinar with Debra Blanchard, Owner, Fringe Talent, Recruiting. Debra will answer your questions and appraise reels and portfolios.

Currently Debra heads Fringe Talent, an entertainment recruitment firm where she offers her expertise in building studios and staffing artists for productions and studios all over the world. Debra has also worked recruiting teams for Industrial Light and Magic, DreamWorks and IDT's animation division.


  • Apply to One Job (or More!).
  • Practice Elevator Pitch.
  • Research One Large Company and One Smaller Company.
  • Research One Interviewer.
  • Write a List of your Interview Questions.
  • Write a Thank You Letter.

Week 6 - The Interview and Negotiation Process

The final week and we wil look at what to do when you get the job yo have been chasing. What questions to ask and how to negotiate terms that are good for you and your new employer

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Questions and Issues to Clarify
  • Living in the New Job
  • Planning for the Next One


  • List of Priorities for Job, Life
  • Do a Budget
  • Let Me Know What Happens


To complete the assignments for this workshop you will need.

  • Word Processing Software
  • Website Design Software or Templates
  • Basic Video Editing Software