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  • Difficulty Level:

    workshop-level-i I
  • Keywords: 2D| ANIMATION


Do you like art? Then grab a chair and sit with us, we are going to spend some amazing weeks together! Whether you're into drawing, 3D modeling or photography, this workshop will ultimately train your brainstorming, design and storytelling skills.

You will receive feedback on your art and paintovers, and improve your brainstorming skills through in-depth contact with your instructor and the group.

This workshop is all about training your creative skills and creating art together, and most of all training to adjust to different situations, which will be especially worthwhile for those of you who want to learn how to think 'out of the box' for your own future projects.

Webinars and live video sessions are happening on weekends, and we might even welcome some very cool guests depending on what subjects we are covering that week.

Gone are the days of every student having their own thread, in the Bootcamp once a new subject is unlocked all students will share one thread to exchange their daily postings. Once a new thread with a new subject is ready, you can post your stuff there and talk about it with your peers and the Instructor.


Curious to what your assignments might be like?  And why might you need a camera? (Any cellphone camera would do, too).

Here is an example, and your entry assignment for this course:

Go outside and take a picture of a car you like. Use that car to design a mech that is going to roam free in your city.

You are free to decide if you will only be picturing the mech alone, or if you want it to interact with the buildings of the city. Shall you be more of the organic type, you could also let your mech look like an animal or creature.

What you'll learn

You will learn how to think 'out of the box' and adjust to many different tasks.

Some tasks will require you to observe the world around you or ask a friend for help. You'll train to adjust to others and work as a team.

The training schedule is packed with awesome tasks for you to discover new things everyday and chat about these with your peers and instructor.


Week 1 - Week 1-3

Here is your training schedule:

Week 1 to 3:

From Monday to Friday you'll be able to unlock one new subject each day. Sometimes it can happen that I ask you to go outside, sometimes you'll need a camera, sometimes a friend, and at any time a pencil & paper or a wacom tablet!

On Saturdays, I might ask you to work together with another student to train your ability of being able to work as a team.

Week 2 - Week 4

By now you should have at least 15 pieces of art regarding different subjects. It can be drawings, paintings, photographes. However you'd like to do it. On week 4, you will pick your 3 best pieces together with your instrcutor and will be guided towards making them into 3 finished pieces.


Student Requirements

Everyone who loves art, wants to improve their creative thinking and problem solving skills and is prepared to commit to 4 weeks of intensive project development, then you will fit right in.

You will need any kind of camera, something to draw with or something to 3dmodel. Sometimes you will need a friend and at any time it is more than welcome to talk and have fun on the forums!



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