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Have you been in the animation and game industry for creating assets for a while, and have been contemplating learning to script? Or are you interested in a career in game design, and want to kickstart your knowledge of basic scripting language?

Well, this is your doorway into scripting!

In this introductory course, you will learn the fundamentals of scripting in c# to the Unity3D Game Engine. You will learn how scripts work, basic language syntax, and fundamentals that are a part of most languages that will give you a starting point to learning other languages.

You will also learn how the scripts work in Unity, and several Unity scripting libraries. You will create several scripts that will give you a head start any future games you want to create.

The first half of this CGWorkshop will teach you the fundamentals of scripting. You will be taught syntax, variables, arrays and loops. You will learn about conditionals and operators. You will learn about functions, arguments and state-machines.

In the second part of the course you will be putting it all together via rapid prototyping. This section will focus on putting all the foundational parts of scripting together to make in work in Unity. You will learn about variables, and custom functions, you will cycle through arrays using operators and loops. Each week we will focus on specific scripts that will help you understand scripting, and a start on building  your own game.

You don't need to be a math expert you just need to want to create your own game!  Learn how in an online classroom environment where you receive a weekly schedule of assignments and regular feedback from both Anthony and your classmates.

What You Will Learn

By the conclusion of this course you will know the basic fundamentals of script writing and how scripts work in Unity. You will be able to connect scripts with game objects, understand public, private, and global variables and know how to implement weapon switches, health bars, weapon impact, damage and kills.


Week 1 - Unity Foundation

Learn the Unity interface, connect scripts with game objects, see how the scripts function. You will look at how much functionality a little bit a scripting can add to characters, weapons, and game control.

Week 2 - Scripting 101

Variables, arrays and loops. We will look at how variables arrays and loops work in Unity. Learn about having public, private, and global variables and how they can enhance the ability to game design.

Week 3 - Scripting 102

Conditionals and Operators. In this section you will learn how to test for changing variables and gameplay. You will see how to test for interaction with art assets.

Week 4 - Scripting 103

In week four you will learn how to created custom functions, function arguments and State-machines. In this section you will learn how to call sections of scripts that can be repeated multiple times with in a game.  

You will learn how to change the state of characters and other game objects when animating, and interacting with other games objects. For example — change the state from walking to jumping, or from idle to firing.

Week 5 - Rapid Prototyping, Script Documentation and Structures

In this section you will learn about rapid prototyping, script documentation, and script structures. We will develop script outlines that will give us an overview of what is needed in the closing weeks of the course. We will set up variables and arrays, we will add conditionals and switches, and a few functions. Everything will be made ready to fill in the blanks in weeks six-eight.

Week 6 - Functionality

In this section we will start to build script components that add functionality to the a game. This section will focus on a few scripts that control characters, and some simple and tap into Unity’s AI system, to have enemies attack our character. We will also build UI to control the character.

Week 7 - Weapon Switching, Ammo and Impact

In this section the course will focus on weapon switching and ammo pools, we will also add health to our characters and enemies with weapons impact. Finally we will build some UI to control the weapons.

Week 8 - FX to Finish

Wrapping it up in week eight we will create scripts that control FX as they interact with our character and enemies. We will add FX for damage, and FX for kills. We will also add power-ups, and power-up FX. You will end the class with foundational scripts that will give you a head-start in game development.



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